29 March 2021 - "Where I Photograph Wildlife Abroad"  Corley and Fillongley Photographic Club

Thank you so much for presenting to us on Monday evening.  There has been lots of positive feedback about the variety of birds and the locations you selected. John Hayes - Chairman

24 March 2021 - "Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK"  Birkenhead Photographic Association

Just a message to say a big thank you for your superb presentation last night. I have had many enthusiastic comments from our own members on the quality, of your images, the depth of your knowledge and your relaxed and informative presentation style. Our guests also wished me to pass on to you their gratitude for such a superb evening. Ron Thomas BPA Secretary 

Thanks for another excellent talk, Malcolm. A donation from our club has also been made to helping the Ospreys at L&RWT....Treasurer BPA

23 March 2021 - "My Lockdown Garden 2020" - Deeside Photograph Club

Many thanks for last nights presentation.  It went down very well and our members talked about how they were enthralled by the story and commented on your great images. I loved it and its definitely given me food for thought.  Thankyou again.  Stay safe.  Paula Potter Chair

22 March 2021 - "My Lockdown Garden 2020" - Stalybridge Photographic Club

On Monday evening, Malcolm kindly visited Stalybridge Photographic club via zoom for his talk " my garden lockdown". This was a very interesting evening with some superb photography. Malcolm showed us how he setup from start to finish and each image that was shown also showed his camera settings. Thanks to him our members have been encouraged to follow his lead, without having to travel. A great evening which was thoroughly enjoyed, we look forward to meeting Malcolm later in the year for another of his many talks.... Roy Rogers

15 March 2021 - "An Australasian Adventure and its Wildlife" - Swansea Camera Club

Thank you again for a brilliant talk this evening, and due to the in-depth information you provided, I really do feel like I travelled along with you sir!  Excellent.  Jason J. Chapman CPAGB President

Let me also say what an enjoyable camera club night we had yesterday. What a fabulous trip and so well presented.  David (Chair, SCC)

11 March 2021 - "My Lockdown Garden 2020" - Focus Photography Club

On behalf of Focus Photography Club I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Malcolm for an excellent presentation, 'My Lockdown Garden 2020'. A superb presentation that, unlike others, has the images presented in chronological order, starting in early Spring through to Autumn. A classic example of the wildlife that can be attracted to our 'Lockdown' gardens. Again many thanks Malcolm for a superb, stunning and highly recommended presentation.

Michael Carbery


23 February 2021 - "Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK"  Market Harborough Photographic Society

Last night at MHPS, we hosted Malcolm Hupman, who gave a talk on his wildlife photography work. The presentation was well put together, with many images well supported by information and helpful detail.

I had previously seen Malcolm deliver a presentation face to face, and it didn't lose much when delivered on Zoom. A very good evening and we will be making a presentation to L&RWT, Osprey Camera fund at Rutland Water, on his behalf.

Bryan Foskett


11 February 2021 - "Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK"Ormskirk Camera Club

Thank you so much for your excellent talk last night. Your photos of birds are absolutely stunning and the information you gave was invaluable. Members were really impressed and thank you for inspiring them to get out there and find places around and about. On a personal note I have been to some of the places you mentioned but I will be visiting others when I can get down to see my friend in Market Harborough.  Today although cold it is sunny and dry so I’ve found a place local to me called the Wigan Flashes so I’m going to go and have a walk there with my camera.  Thank you again for a wonderful talk.

Clare Southall  Syllabus Secretary

25 January 2021 - "Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK" - Dudley Camera Club

Many thanks for your time on Monday it was both interesting and informative. I’ve had lots of positive feedback from members who enjoyed the depth of information and knowledge of your presentation Thanks again Derek 


18 January 2021 - "Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK" - Swinton and District Photographic Society

Just a brief message to say for myself and fellow members a huge thank you for your excellent, informative and thoroughly enjoyable presentation to us tonight.  As I and others agreed, not only were the selection of images shown to us of a particularly high standard but so were your details and information of the subjects contained and the locations they can be found in.  As things stand currently and if the lockdowns continue past May we would have no hesitation whatsoever in requesting you to present another of your talks to us again, subject to your availability of course.  My sincere thanks and best wishes. Keep safe. Keith 

L&CPU Accredited Judge, President and Treasurer of Swinton and District Photographic Society


14 January 2021 - "My Lockdown Garden 2020" - Holmes Chapel Photographic Society

Thursday Evening Holmes Chapel Photographic Society where treated to an excellent talk by Malcolm Hupman on his lockdown garden - a real treat and it goes to show what can be done in your back garden - Thankyou Malcom and I heartily recommend this talk

Alistair MacKenzie HCPS

13 January 2021 - "Where I Photograph Wildlife Abroad" - Corby Photographic Club

Thanks Malcolm for a great show. It must have taken hours to produce, every detail from the image sizing, catch lines around the edges, maps, camera setting info and even the bird sounds.. Brilliant.. 

Sylvia Adams

8 January 2021 - “Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK” - Fosse Co-op Camera Club

Just a line to say thank you so much for your brilliant presentation on Friday.   Obviously a lot of thought and preparation had gone into this presentation and the photography was superb.    Your notes and maps will be most helpful to those of our members who wish to pursue wild life photography.  We look forward to seeing you again.

Peggy Franks  FCCC

7 January 2021 - "My Lockdown Garden" - Milton Canoe & Camera Club, Nova Scotia, Canada

This was just lovely,  Thank you for inviting me.  Pictures were spectacular but I think it's the story that got  to me. How you started with pigeons and ended with the butterflies and house mouse.

Isabelle Blanchet Washington DC USA

14th January

I just wanted to let you know that I’m still hearing positive feedback from our members about your presentation. 

Thanks again!

Frank Iusi MCCC

5 January 2021 - “Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK” - Conwy Camera Club

I just wanted to thank you for a truly inspiring talk yesterday evening to the Camera Club and as promised we have made a donation to your nominated charity.  On a personal note Martin and I found this presentation fascinating as we are both keen wildlife photographers and have visited several of the locations mentioned in your presentation.

Jayne Williams Treasurer CCC

I want to thank you for your superb talk on Tuesday.  So much information and advice along with your wonderful images. made a truly remarkable evening.  Feedback from members has been very positive - so many, including me, have been inspired to look forward to  planning some interesting trips when we can leave our homes once more.

Sue Clarke Programme Secretary CCC


4 January 2021 - “An Australasian Adventure and its Wildlife” - Wrexham and District Photographic Society

We all thoroughly enjoyed – and were inspired – by your Zoom talk  last night.  Every week I put a report on the WDPS web-site about the previous presentation, and I like to illustrate these with an image.  Could you  let me have one of your images for this please.  We do, of course, acknowledge the photographer.  I cannot think which would best represent your talk, but perhaps the huge Wedge Tailed Eagle is the – to most people- one that represents Australia. (Personally I am attracted to the beautifully named Superb Fairy-Wren).  Again many thanks.

 Peter Emerson,  hon. Sec, WDPS.

16 December 2020 - “Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK” - Lutterworth Photographic Society Co-op

Many thanks for such a great night last night.  I'm sure you will have gathered that we have quite a few keen wildlife photographers among our members and we were all so impressed with your presentation.  Not only were the pictures great, but the detailed information you shared alongside them was quite unique in my experience.  This will surely result in many of us visiting those wildlife sites, enjoying the natural world and maybe bringing home a special picture or two as a bonus.  I hope we'll see you again soon.

John Haddon Chairman

25 November 2020 - "My Lockdown Garden" - Birkenhead Photographic Association 

Just a note of thanks on behalf of Birkenhead Photographic Association for the superb lecture that you provided for us over ZOOM last night. All our members and visitors appreciated the excellent photography and all of your hard work in putting together such a first class presentation.

Ron Thomas BPA Secretary


16 November 2020 - "My Lockdown Garden" - Ellesmere Port Photographic Society

Very many thanks for your talk yesterday evening. It really went very well. I really liked the way you introduced the two starling birds - eating out of your hand !  And I really liked your close-up images. Very detailed and very sharp.  So many thanks again.  Cheers,.

Bill Preston


4 November 2020 - "My Lockdown Garden" - Corby Photographic Club

We were really delighted with your “ My  Lockdown Garden” presentation.  Not only were the photos amazing but we also learnt a great deal about some of the habits of your bird life.  Harry recognised a lot of the birds you showed but not the detail that you went into.  It was very evident that you must have spent many, many hours putting it together and “ your presenter’s voice” was most professional. Well done. 

Harry and Jan Chisholm (Sydney Australia)

Thank you for a very enjoyable evening last night.

 Andrei Van der Walt

3 November 2020 - “Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK” - Daventry Photographic Society

"Very Many thanks Malcolm for a great evening full of interest and fantastic photos.  I found your talk absolutely fascinating and will certainly be following up on some of your destinations and if I can only get photos half as good as you I will be pleased. I am just putting the programme together for next year so hopefully will be in touch to ask you for a return visit."

Linda Ariss

2 November 2020 - “Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK”- Mid Sussex Camera Club

"You were fantastic. Thank you so much."

John Peters

21 September 2020 - “An Australasian Adventure and its Wildlife” - Nuneaton Photographic Society

"Firstly, I would just like to say that I very much enjoyed your presentation last night and liked your use of maps detailing your various stages of your tour. 

Considering you were not on a focused photography tour you came back with some quality images with a good variety of species. 

Martin Robinson

18 September 2020 - “Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK” - Leicester and Leicestershire Photographic Society

"I am very pleased that I was able to listen and watch in to your talk on Friday night to LLPS  as it was absolutely marvellous.  

I thought all your images were stunning-so clear and bright and it is a great thrill to see smaller birds as I find a lot of bird photographers show  the bigger species. And your clear well paced talk was ideal. "

Jean Burbridge

29 January 2020 - "Where I photograph Wildlife in the UK" - Dunchurch Photographic Society


David J. Bray (Chairman)

2 November 2019 - "Where I photograph Wildlife in the UK" - Leicester Forest  Photographic Society

"Just another thank you for a brilliant evening last night at Leicester Forest. I am sure everyone enjoyed your presentation and the information you provided alongside your superb images."

John Whitby

11 October 2019 - "Where I photograph Wildlife in the UK" - Desborough and Rothwell Photographic Society


22nd January 2019 - "Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK" - Duston Camera Club

Thank you very much for your talk last night at Duston, I thought it was one of the best we have had Although I'm not generally a bird photographer, your talk has given me inspiration to have a go I thought your pictures were beautiful examples of what is out there if only we go out and find it.

 I have also had 2 emails already from members saying how much they enjoyed it, So many many thanks for such a wonderful night.

Brian Pere


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