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28 November 2022 - "Where I Photograph Great Britain"" - Abington Camera Club

 Many thanks for visiting Abington CC last evening and presenting another excellent set of images from around the UK. 

Best Wishes,   Alan, Chairman, Abington CC


4 November 2022 - "Where I Photograph Birds in Britain"" - Cambrian Ornithological Society

This is to thank you again for your presentation to COS last Friday. It was really excellent with just the most brilliant photos. I think several of us have written down details of where you go for your photography. Rutland Water is of course high on the list and many of us know that area even though it is a bit of a drive from Wales.   You must be sure to let us know when you are in Anglesey next year - you might like to meet up with one or two of our experts on the various sites - some very keen photographers.  Best wishes  Maryann


24 October 2022 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife"" - Princes Risborough Photographic Society

Just a quick note to say many thanks for your excellent presentation last night.   We all really enjoyed and learned a great deal from your attention to detail and your fabulous images.  Much appreciated.  Best wishes. Alun Morgan

17  October 2022 - "Where I Photograph Wildlife Abroad"" - Locks Heath & Sarisbury Green Camera Club

Can I once again thank you on behalf of the club for the very interesting talk you presented last evening. What a lot of work and what incredible photos. We all went home feeling informed and inspired - whether we can ever match your standard is debatable but your talk has given us a challenge.  Richard Cole LHSCC


6 October 2022 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife"" - Chertsey Camera Club

Many thanks for giving your Zoom talk to Chertsey Camera Club last Thursday.  We all really enjoyed seeing your images - they were very nice indeed!  Peter Hinnigan Club Chairman. 

Many thanks for giving your Zoom talk to Chertsey Camera Club on Thursday evening. Some absolutely superb images and really interesting to understand where they were taken and with what camera & lens setup.  Thanks again, Chertsey Camera Club.

20 April 2022 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife"" - Solihull Photographic Society

Thank you for your inspiring talk last night.  It went down very well with our members.   Best wishes,  John


12 April 2022 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife"" - Thurrock Camera Club

Just a quick note to say thank you for last night's presentation, it was both enlightening to see some of the places that you visit as well as being a very enjoyable lecture exhibiting the various  excellent images of British wildlife you have been able to capture over the years.   As I mentioned the number of species you have been able to record was very impressive. I hope that you enjoyed the evening as much as we did.   All the best,  David


14 March 2022 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife"" - Shillington and District Camera Club

Thank you so much for the brilliant talk you did for us last night. It was very informative, with great photos and loads of information on where to go to see our wildlife.  Cindy Lea, Treasurer SDCC

8 March 2022 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife"" - Ryton  Camera Club

Congratulations on putting together, and delivering an excellent talk for us last night.  The standard of photography was high and the the information you provided was interesting and informative. I am sure my wife and I will visit some of your recommended venues when out travelling in our van.  We will certainly leave a review for you on zoom register, unless you are snowed under, which wouldn't surprise me.  

Thanks and best wishes.  Martin Sedgwick  Ryton cc

I was one of the Zoomers at Ryton Camera Club for the talk you kindly gave us this evening.  I just wanted to say thanks for another excellent talk.  I learned a lot from your “Lockdown Garden” talk a few months ago, and I think my bird photography has benefitted from it.  I’m now re-inspired, and looking forward to my next opportunity to use my camera.  Many thanks for an excellent talk - fabulous images, and very useful hints and tips. Regards  Alan Judd


1 March 2022 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife"" - Weymouth  Camera Club

Thank you so much for a superb evening last night with Weymouth Camera club.  We all so enjoyed your presentation and the wonderful photography.  The club members have already asked me if you could do another talk so I think that means they were delighted!.  Again, thank you so much.  Chris

I'd like to say how much I enjoyed your talk last Tuesday, as a nature/wildlife photographer it was right up my street!   Kind Regards,  

Shirley J. Swaine

28 February 2022 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife"" - Abington Camera Club

It was a pleasure to meet you and Irene last evening at Abington CC. Your presentation was excellent throughout with stunning images and a wealth of information on the wildlife and when and where best to find them. We look forward to seeing you again at Abington in the future.

Best Wishes,  Alan Edwards  Chairman. Abington Camera Club

Thanks for an excellent presentation to Abington CC on Monday night. All the members were impressed by your images and appreciated the location / setup details you provided. At a committee meeting last night, I was asked to book another talk for the 28th of November 2022. We would like "Where I Photograph Great Britain".  Thanks again Peter  Programme Secretary

24 February 2022 - "My Lockdown Garden" - Gateway Camera Club Dover 

Many thanks for your very inspiring talk last night and I am certain it will motivate some of the members to have a go and also try some new tricks that you showed us, it was a superb evening and I really like your friendly approach.  I will think of some of your other talks but I am not sure if we are going back to the club in person so lots to sort out ahead.  Phil Hadley

Thank you for a very informative and inspiring talk last night. Certainly got us talking about our gardens and appreciating the good things that turn up in them, even leucistic badgers!!! Phil will be on the case and booking you for something in the future. Look forward to the next one and from myself and all of us at Gateway, Take care and all the very best. Kind regards, Gary Stamp Chairman Gateway CC Dover.


22 February 2022 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife" - Ilkeston Photo 2000 

Thank you very much for your lecture to our club on Tuesday.   It was excellent and we really enjoyed it. The images were outstanding and it was very informative.  I thought that having the details down the side was really helpful too.  We don't have WiFi in our club room but hopefully we can work something out in the future to book another of your zoom lectures and do the club meeting from our homes for that week.   Sue Tawn,  General Secretary On behalf of Ilkeston Photo 2000

17 February 2022 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife" - Penwith Photographic Group

Just a short note to thank you very much for such an entertaining and informative presentation for the PPG on Thursday night.  I really enjoyed the evening, and I know from speaking to the other Members that they did as well.  We all appreciated the time and effort that goes into a presentation like this, especially with such detailed information regarding the locations along with maps and directions, and with fantastic images, including some from our own patch!  Thanks again, and if you are ever down in the 'Far West' again then please do look us up and we would be delighted to see you.  Kindest regards, Robin Millett, Chairman, Penwith Photographic Group


10 February 2022 - "An Australasian Adventure and its Wildlife" - Hamilton Camera Club

I hope you don't mind me sending you an email out of the blue but I "attended" your talk to Hamilton Camera Club on Thursday and spotted your email on screen.  I just wanted to say what a splendid presentation you gave us.  There must be so much work that goes into putting together a talk like that - not only the lovely photographs but also the additional information about locations and the technical details relating to the photography.  It was worth it all for the amazing end-product..  I have never been to Australia or New Zealand but I have a friend who lives in Auckland and she sends me a calendar every year featuring different birds that can be found in her country.  They are usually so much more colourful than our British birds.  Many years ago, my husband gave me a beautiful bronze of spinifex pigeons which I adore - so much more dramatic than any British variety, with their stunning crest.  Keep up your wonderful work.  It's so satisfying and delightful when we get amazing presentations like yours..  Kind regards  Margot Falconer


8 February 2022 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife" - Newent and District Camera Club

Many thanks for your zoom talk last night, never knew there were so many different birds in the uk.   Your pictures were stunning and we all appreciated you passing on your tips for taking these pictures and the locations used.  All the best and many thanks.  Steve Price

3 February 2022 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife" - Wellingborough & District Photographic Club

I just wanted to thank you for giving your presentation to our club last week. I am sorry that I was not there - I had wanted to see your presentation and had been looking forward to it, but unfortunately events conspired against me. Derek phoned me the following morning and from what he said it was a very good evening and the members had enjoyed it.

Hopefully we will be able to meet up on another occasion.  Neil

31 January 2022 - "Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK" - Mold Camera Club

Thank you so much for last night. We thoroughly enjoyed your very informative presentation.   Tracie. 


25 January 2022 - "Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK" - Maidstone Camera Club

Thank you once again from our members especially our wildlife members for a very informative evening with lots of stunning images.

I though your evening was very informative telling us which hides to use and what time of day. When I take my members out on workshops, I try to encourage them to take on board all this information and make a note.  Field craft is so important and understanding your subjects habits, there were lots of camera setting beside your images which I though was a great help in understanding how you got your images so sharp.

All the best Chris.  Chris Couch


​3he way!  Meanwhile, the rain continues.....

Cheers,  John.  John Gorham Chair,  Beaumaris & Menai Bridge Camera Club


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