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12 June 2024 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife" - Tamworth Photographic Club

It was good to meet you and your wife, and I hope you had a safe journey back home.

 It was a thoroughly entertaining evening, with so many wonderful images from your travels across the UK. It was great to see such a wide range of species, and also good of you to share the locations where you have captured the images over the years.

 The feedback I have had from our members has been extremely positive, so I hope you can come back to the club at some stage in the future, to share further images and the stories that go along with them ?

 Once again, thank you for a very entertaining and informative evening.

Tamworth Photographic Club Secretary - Mike Woods CPAGB BPE1*


13 May 2024 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife" - Rushcliffe Photographic Society

Thank you for your excellent talk to Rushcliffe Photographic Society last night. What wonderful images you showed us and you gave excellent detail of the locations and camera settings. I was amazed at the range of birds and butterflies that you had photographed and identified. There were many that I had never even heard of.

12 March 2024 - "Where I photograph Wildlife Abroad" - St Ives Photographic Club

Here is a return booking as discussed earlier.  Many thanks for your talk this evening.  I think it was clear how well it was received.

Steve Eeley

7 March2024 - "An Australasian Adventure and its Wildlife" - Smethwick Photographic Society

Many thanks for your fascinating talk again last night

Dave Airston

29 January 2024 - "An Australasian Adventure and Its Wildlife" - Sodbury and Yate Photographic Club

Just a quick note of thanks from all our members at SYPC.  That talk was top class and your “grab shots” were outstanding. Although “grab shots” they didn't appear to be. It was made even better through your knowledge of the wildlife, geography and the odd little story about the “expedition”..

Thanks again – and I hope to see you back at SYPC with another of your talks.  Stuart

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