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I started my photographic journey while living in Zambia. almost 50 years ago.

Being interested in Wildlife I decided to visit Luangwa Valley Game Park and tried to buy a Camera. 

All I could find was a second-hand Zenith B with a 50mm lens.

Not the best equipment to take on safari. 

My results were disappointing.

Soon after this I returned to the UK and bought my first Nikon, joined a camera club, and built a darkroom.

I was given a Sony Mavica in 1999 that recorded images on a floppy disc and was not impressed with digital Photograph. 

10 years later technology had moved on and I decided to buy a DSLR.

The advantages for wildlife photography were obvious and I very soon started to specialise. 

However, I enjoy and take all genre of Photography and give talks to Photographic Societies, Wildlife Groups etc.

In 2023 I started to judge photographic club competitions and have been approved by the

Midlands Counties Photographic Federation

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