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8 December 2023 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife" -Seaford Photographic Society

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of the members of SPS for giving us such a fantastic talk last night. I along with many of the others watching thought some of your images were stunning.  You have certainly given us all something to think about and a long list of places to visit. Now all I need to do is buy that RF 600 F4.0 lens! ( I don't think my wife will mind.)  I hope we see you back at Seaford aging in the future.

Colin Mitchell CPAGB, LRPS, Chairperson, Seaford Photographic Society

20 November 2023 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife" -Newark and District Photographic Society

Thank you so much for last evening's presentation of Where I Photograph British Wildlife.  A wide variety of habitats, everything covered - birds, butterflies, mammals, moths, insects and so many different species, what more could we want.  The information on the screen was also helpful, especially the dates.  This was a presentation of interest to all and enjoyed by the members.

Rose King - President, Newark & District Photographic Society

25 October 2023 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife" - Bromsgrove Photographic  Society

It was lovely to meet you and Irene on Tuesday evening.  We very much appreciated you traveling from Corby to deliver your talk in person.

 I have copied the feedback I have had from the members below and as you can see they found your talk interesting and informative.

 Thanks again Malcolm,  Jan Harris 

Excellent photos, lots of information and well presented.

A very professional presentation with wonderful images.  Interesting to know where these pictures were taken, to enable us to visit if we wish.  An enjoyable evening.

Following the presentation by Malcolm Hupman, my thoughts are threefold.

 1) The images shown were excellent and as a relatively inexperienced photographer, I was impressed by the almost 3D feel to the images.

2) I was impressed by the information shared with each image.  Some photographers are very precious about the location and settings for images, however, Malcolm was very generous in sharing his info.

3) Malcolm was very approachable when I asked for advice (see 1 above), as was his lovely wife, Irene, when we chatted during the interval.

All in all, it was a great night and I feel enthused to seek out some of these locations.  I hope Malcolm and Irene return with another talk soon.

 Thank you..  Anne G-J 

Excellent evening, very informative and extremely detailed presentation. Malcolm definitely knows his stuff and how refreshing for someone of his status to give away the’ secrets’ of his camera settings. I thought I knew my ornithology until I saw Malcolm. Well done to one and all 


Overall last night was quite impressive, some excellent images. That said, I was disappointed that he just read from a pre-written script, it was without doubt very detailed but lacked the humour/ engagement that we have seen with other speakers. I would listen to him again on one of his other subjects.


I really enjoyed seeing Malcolm’s images which were stunning.  Some of the birds I’d never heard of before. 

It was really helpful to see the camera setting details & also the locations for the photos too. 


I really enjoyed the guest speaker last night, the photos he showed with detailed information with everyone. Also the detailed information about different sites great night.


Excellent photographs       Faultless commentary.

So much information about camera settings and nature reserves.


Thank you Malcom for a truly interesting and delightful evenings show.   Your pictures were a great presentation and I can imagine the excitement you had when capturing those wonderful images.  Do hope to see more of your soul in the future.    Many thanks. Judith Giles.    Charmed viewer x

17 October 2023 - "Where I Photograph Great Britain" - Baglan Bay Photographic  Society

Thank you so much for your superb presentation to us at Baglan Bay PS last night. Everyone has said how much they thoroughly enjoyed the evening - your images were excellent and coupled with your detailed narration the presentation held a wealth of ideas and information. John and I have certainly added to our 'Must Visit' list. You really should produce a book!

 During this presentation you teased us with just a couple of your wildlife images. We all agreed that we would love to see you again for your presentation, 'Where I Photograph British Wildlife'. Could I please suggest a few dates for your consideration? 

Susan Surridge, Programme Secretary, BBPS

12 October 2023 - "Where I Photograph Great Britain" - Ormskirk Camera Club

Thank you very much for your presentation this evening. I spoke to a few club members after the meeting and it is clear your talk was well-received.

Mike Schofield - Syllabus Secretary

We met in our Hut this evening and Malcolm Hupman ZOOMed in from Corby, to present his talk "Where I photograph Great Britain"

He took us round many of the Counties of England, Wales and Scotland, and shared his wonderful images, of many genres, and a history of the places visited, taken with all types of camera during his travels round the Kingdom

We'd like to ask Malcolm to spend some time in Lancashire - and capture some inspiring photographs of our "Dark Satanic Mills"!!

Thanks Malcolm for keeping us entertained with your interesting talk, and inspiring images.

Ormskirk Camera Club Facebook Page

19 September 2023 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife" - Wolverhampton Photographic Society

I feel I had to email you to thank you so much for what was probably one of the best PDI Wildlife presentations Wolverhampton PS have ever had over the 30+ years of my membership!  The scope of your Wildlife, especially your images of birds, was absolutely fantastic and the icing on the cake was the fact that your camera settings accompanied every image on the screen which helped us understand, from a practical perspective, a little what it took to achieve such a stunning level of photography.  Your presentation's images took us all over the country and the PDI maps shown on the screen plus verbal explanations of your recommended locations was really informative. In fact, after you and your wife had left us, several members we talking about organising a field trip to one of your many favoured locations ~ Rutland Water. It would seem you have lit something of a flame under some of our Wildlife photography members!  

Apart from the excellent quality and scope of your images, perhaps the most impressive part of your presentation, to me, was your sheer enthusiasm for your photography which, coupled with your obvious depth of knowledge of both your subjects and their habitat, was truly self evident.  Please allow me to thank you once again Malcolm and I genuinely look forward to another visit from you in the future.

Kind regards ~ Alan Lawrence ARPS ~ pp Wolverhampton PS


12 September 2023 - "My Lockdown Garden" - Peterborough Photographic Society

I thoroughly enjoyed your talk last week and the discussion we had afterwards.  I don't think I had really appreciated the colours on the feathers of our local birds. The other thing I really liked was your pace as you went steadily which gave us time to appreciate what we could see and what you had said.  Thank you very much indeed.

Janet  A.R.P.S.

(PPS  Prog Sec and Bill Dunn Memorial Competition Secretary)

3 July 2023 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife" - Sodbury and Yate Photographic Club

One of the best prepared and most comprehensive presentations on Nature in the UK I have seen. Thank you from all of SYPC. (and I'm pleased that we will see you again early in 2024 )....


Many thanks for a super talk this evening – lots of great feedback already!  I'm organising our club programme for the calendar year 2024.  We were wondering if you could provide a Zoom talk about your Australian Trip.

Best Regards, David, SYPC Programme Secretary.

I was on tonight's zoom call with Sodbury and Yate marvelling at your comprehensive  coverage of your "wildlife patch" It was most enjoyable. David, Yate

14 June 2023 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife" - Towcester & District Photographic Society

Thanks so much for your very informative talk last night, those members who’re able to attendreally enjoyed engaging with you and were thankful for all the tips, locations and the excellent images supporting your talk.  Many underestimate the skill,expertise and patience involved in getting good wildlife shots. I personally will be seeking out some of the nature reserves highlighted. It was a pleasure meeting your wife Irene and hope she enjoyed it too.


9 June 2023 - "An Australasian Adventure And Its Wildlife" - All Saints Church, Kettering

Thank you so much for a fabulous talk and evening of photographs. Everyone who attended found it really interesting.

Angela Brett


30 May 2023 - "Where I Photograph Great Britain"" - Harrow Camera Club

Thank you very much for your talk to us last night.  We all found it very interesting.  I’m really impressed that you manage to get to places to photograph them with so few tourists in sight!  As Mark said, we may well get you back to give your wildlife talk, although I have completed next year’s programme, so maybe the following year.

Best Regards Barry

25 May 2023 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife" - Arnold and District Camera Club

Thank you for your fabulous wildlife talk Malcolm... really enjoyed it

30 March 2023 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife"" - Hitchin Camera Club

Thank you for your lecture last night and showing us some stunning images.  I now Aave a few places on my list of destinations to visit this year!

Regards Steve

21 March 2023 - "Where I Photograph Great Britain"" - Witney Photo Group

Many thx for your talk to WPG last night.  You certainly gave us much food for thought and an extensive index to locations to photograph in the UK.

 Good luck with all your future photographic endeavours.  Kind Regards  Brian


20 March 2023 - "PDI  Battle with Dunchurch Photographic Society"" - Northampton Camera Club

Just a quick note to say many thanks again for your judging and the very informative and detailed critique given tonight. It really added to the experience and we really appreciate the efforts made by you to do this.

I hope you had a safe journey back and I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Will Lloyd

Thank you so much for last night we really appreciate the time you took over all of the images. Dunchurch produced some great images so you had a tough job on your hands. It's always lovely to see images from other clubs and it's great that we all seem to be producing great work following the difficulties we have all faced over the last few years.

Thanks again and you are most welcome any time back to NCC. 

Take care,  Kelly

24 February 2023 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife"" - Sutton Coldfield Photography Club

I would like to say a very “Big Thank You” for your wonderful and uplifting seminar .  All the members where truly engaged throughout your presentation that evening and I continue to receive positive feedback from our members about your event. Personally, I think it was the best seminar we have had at our club in four years since I have become a member of the Sutton Coldfield Photography Club. Both, our Former Chairman and our Current Chairman remarked on your presentation skills and the range and quality of your spectacular images you kindly shared to our members.  Maybe, we can discuss booking another seminar with yourself for the new season 2023-2024? Which one would you recommend?  Lastly, thank you for delivering a polished presentation and inspirational seminar. Definitely, made a huge impact on my outlook on Photography and all the club members that attended your event.  Hopefully you enjoyed the experience as well. 

Your sincerely,  Paul M Cook. SCPC Programme Secretary.


17 February 2023 - "An Australasian Adventure and its Wildlife" - Leicester and Leicestershire Photographic Society

I hope you travelled home safely last evening.  I am just writing to say what a marvellous presentation you gave: so well organised and with superb photographs.  It was the first time in all my life I had realised the immense size of the Continent.  We were very impressed with the quality of the birds' and animals' images and your diary account added the context.  I wonder  whether it would have been very different if you went in say August to October, Australia's winter.   Last time you spoke it was by Zoom and 'Where  to photograph wildlife in UK', and that time it spurred me to go to Youlgreave on my way home from Great Hucklow: alas, I won't be able to check out Alice Springs in the foreseeable future though my cousin in New Zealand has suggested I  pay him a visit.   I hope we shall see you again in the future.  best wishes  Jean


10 February 2023 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife"" - Accrington Camera Club

I just want to "Thank You"  For such an interesting Evening ..!! Your Photography was superb . .. one Image after the other was Fascinating .. that's why I was asking you about your shutter speeds and ISO .. and your Narrative of subject and places was one of the best I have ever encountered .. I am sorry it was a poor login from our members they really have missed a wonderful Lecture ... and yes !! it would be Great to see more of your work at a later date Once more Thank You.  Kindest Regards, Martha Caramitsos, Accrington Camera Club .


9 February 2023 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife"" - Leek Photographic Club

Thank you for a very enjoyable evening. Normally once the evening has finished, there is a mass exodus leaving just a handful of people chatting. Last night, everyone stayed discussing your images, information you provided etc., a good indication of how much they had appreciated it.  Linda Lomas,  Leek PC

I just want to say ‘thank-you very much’  for your talk last night. You packed an amazing amount of information and varied images in to the evening. Many of our members will have found the bird and butterfly details fascinating. I was impressed by your range of knowledge about the animals and their habitats.  On a lighter note several members commented on your impressive opening ‘effect’ with the cinema  curtains being drawn back. That was amazing and set the scene for an excellent talk.  Bernard Beech  Leek PC


26 January 2023 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife"" - Belfast Photo Imaging Club

Thank you very much for this evening.  I was overwhelmed with the amount of Wildlife you have photographed over the years and your knowledge on your subjects and locations was brilliant.  Matthew  BPIC Chairman 


24 January 2023 - "Where I Photograph Great Britain"" - Royal Wooton Bassett Camera Club

On behalf of RWB Camera Club can I express our thanks and gratitude for your talk last night on Zoom.  You have a wonderful collection of images from around Great Britain and they were backed up with interesting and informative narrative. It really felt like we had toured our sceptred isle, and beyond, and learned a lot in the process. You have certainly whetted my appetite to visit some of the many locations that you so skillfully captured.  I personally really appreciate your acceptance of our invitation, at short notice, which enabled our programme to continue without interruption and keep my stress levels at a manageable level!.  Peter Hodgson  Chairman & Secretary, RWBCC

23 January 2023 - "An Australasian Adventure and its Wildlife" - Coventry Photographic Society

Sorry it has taken me a while to officially thank you for giving us your lecture, An Australasian Adventure & it’s Wildlife on 23rd January. I am afraid I have been very busy with our approaching AGM and competitions; and the task slipped my mind.   The evening went very well, and I received complimentary comments from members afterwards, about how much they had enjoyed the evening. I hope we may be able to arrange another opportunity for you to entertain us in the future..  Best wishes,  Terry Bailey CPAGB Secretary


17 January 2023 - "Where I Photograph British Wildlife"" - Duston Camera Club

On behalf of Duston Camera Club thank you very much for the excellent presentation that you gave us last night, the amount of information that you gave us on each location of where to go, when to go, even down to where to park! left us no excuses not to give it a go. I enjoyed the way you presented the pictures which could be enjoyed solely for the quality of the images or for the more technically minded all the details were available on camera settings, lens etc.  A very enjoyable evening with a super set of images.  Thanks again   Gerry Coles


10 January 2023 - "Where I Photograph Great Britain"" - Stockport Photographic Society

Many thanks for your enjoyable tour through Great Britain and for all of the information about the places that you visited. Also, thanks for not charging a fee, which is much appreciated in these difficult financial times with dwindling numbers of club members.

Terry Ottway President - Stockport Photographic Society

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